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Graziano Roofing and Pictometry Technology

Graziano uses Pictometry technology which is notably used by county GIS, planning and assessing professionals around the country and a growing number of commercial businesses including those in insurance, utilities, real estate, construction, and more.

Unlike traditional geospatial information systems that rely on only an orthogonal, or top-down view of an area, Pictometry captures images obliquely, or from an angle, and create a more natural three-dimensional view so that users can see land features and structures clearly and in their entirety.

Graziano’s has the ability access detailed imagery for every square foot of a region and can navigate quickly and easily between views of a map to images associated with it, and specific features contained within images such as doors, manholes, fences, and fire hydrants. The locational data associate with each pixel makes it possible for us to measure numerous geographic details, such as distance, height, latitude/longitude coordinates, directional bearing and relative positioning on any roof.

Pictometry’s image capture process captures every square foot of an area in high resolution detail, from both orthogonal and oblique angles, giving Pictometry’s imagery something traditional aerial imagery or even satellite and GPS mapping can’t provide: a detailed metric oblique view of any feature which allows us to provide you the best data possible for your roofing project.

About Graziano Roofing Texas

Graziano Roofing, Inc., was founded in 1982 By President Joe Graziano, with a previous background in general Building Construction. Upon Licensing, Joe Graziano worked hands-on on every roof for over 10 years. "I believe in slow, controlled and organized growth", says Joe. "Even through slow periods we are able to maintain and even grow our customer base."

In 1998, because of our superior Tile Roof application, Joe Graziano was asked by a leading Roof Tile Manufacture to open operations in the Texas market. Graziano Roofing of Texas, Inc. was formed and is managed by Adam Stanford Vice President. After Five Years, and becoming One of Texas’s most elite and largest Custom Tile and Slate Roofing Contractors, Adam Stanford was made Partner. Adam’s view’s and business practices parallel Joe Graziano, and that is reflective in the growth and reputation of Graziano Roofing of Texas, Inc. We are the roofer of choice for many of the leading and best builders in the markets we work in.

Customer Service is crucial. Quality work, excellent service, and fair pricing are the most important aspects of our business. Our key to success is quality long term employees. "We treat our staff as if they were part of our family" says Adam. All employees are fully insured with workers comp and are provided medical and dental insurance.

In 2001, Graziano Custom Roofing, Inc., was formed to service the Thousand Oaks area. Clint Utech and Ed Hamper were made partners in 2007. Clint and Ed provide a very hands on approach to every project. Their dedication and construction management skills are evident in the numerous dedicated clients that make Graziano Custom Roofing, Inc. the roofer of choice.

Our client base ranges from individual home owners to business owners to state and federal governments. Over the years, our portfolio has included customers and projects such as film and sports celebrities, hotels, casinos, high rise office buildings, hospitals, industrial complexes, apartment complexes, condominium projects, and thousands of single family dwellings. We’ve roofed it all.

Our contracts range from charitable gifts to over five million dollars and consist of jobs around the corner to foreign countries. Our expertise and reputation make us the roofer of choice for specialty projects and we will travel anywhere to do any job.

We believe in giving back to our community and we contribute to many charitable organizations yearly. Most of our charitable contributions are directed and focused on the local community level of the areas in which we live and work. For more information on our charitable efforts, please call your local Graziano Roofing representative.